All About Fondant Cake Decorating Class

All About Fondant
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EISF Sugar Art Show Classes

All About Fondant

Sept. 4th

Friday 9:00am Till 1:00pm

Instructor: Susan Carberry

$ 95.00

All About Fondant is for all levels.  Susan will take you from basic skills such as how to cover your fondant cakes successfully without cracked edges, elephant skin and tears to more advanced techniques  such as quilting and draping.
This 4 hour class will cover quilting, double quilting, drapes, swags, embossing, bows, crimping, borders and more.

 *Please bring an 8in styrofoam dummy, 12in box and regular rolling pin. 
Smaller styrofoam, fondant, cake board, tools for class use, handouts and certificate will be provided.

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Price $95.00
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