Intro to Cake Decorating Class 4-10-18

Intro to Cake Decorating Class 4-10-18
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April 10th

Tuesday 6:30pm Till 9:30

Instructor: Susan Carberry

Location: The Cake Cottage, Murrieta, Ca.

No Experience Needed

Must be 15 years or older to attend.

$40.00 Plus Supplies

This is a quick lesson on how to prepare and decorate a cake the right way.  Students will learn how to properly level, fill and ice a cake as well as how to make the proper decorator icing in order to ensure success.  Students will also learn about the different types of decorator bags, icing tips and other tools used to create amazing works of art.  Each student will bring a premade 6in round cake along with a few other supplies and go home with a beautifully decorated "Rosette" Style Cake.


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